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The Struggle Is Real!

23rd February 2016

Morning all,

I wanted to write this today to show everyone that we all struggle and it’s completely normal. It’s human nature and you know what, life happens! People sometimes look at us personally and think it’s easy for us.

Guess what, it’s really not. Every day we make decisions. Every day we come across the same hurdles as other people do but guess what? The choices that we are making determine how we manage and how we feel.

For example yesterday I woke up in a terrible mood. Something didn’t feel right, in fact it all felt wrong. I was emotional, I cried, Kenny hugged and listened, I went for a walk to try and clear my head and it helped but I still wasn’t my normal self. We’ve had some bits and pieces going on at Rye HQ which is throwing some challenges our way and you know what? That’s normal too! But we’re carrying on and dealing with it all head on.

I haven’t really exercised for nearly a year for one reason or another, my latest excuse being because I was due to have a hernia operation. That was due today but was cancelled last minute due to bed and staff shortages. For a couple of days I felt sorry for myself. I felt pity for myself. I felt frustrated and it affected the way I viewed everything else!

This morning I woke up and decided not to play the victim anymore. Big deal I can’t have the operation, know what I did? I started googling alternative ways to heal myself. This has now led me to contact a couple of Yoga instructors. I’ve always said that I wanted to try Yoga for the relaxation benefits as well as the stretching but I’ve never gotten round to it. Coincidence? I think not!

Then you know what I did next? I put on my running gear and pounded the streets. For 16 minutes. Not long at all but I got my heart rate up, saw the sun shining through the clouds over the sea and came back feeling amazing. I came back, had my shake (Obviously!) and had a shower. My mindset had completely changed.

I know I’ve rambled, I normally do but I’m speaking from my heart to let you know you’re not alone. And always know we’re here for you.

Love, health and happiness.

Lisa xx


Sweet Potato Brownies

16th February 2016

SPBrowniesSweet Potato Brownies
KerrySextonFitness just made 32 of these little baby’s: Vi Sweet Potato Brownies 😍😍😍 each brownie contains 38cals, 2.2g protein, 3.2g carbs, 1.7g fats, 1.7g sugars. I’ve been playing around with this for ages to get the macros, the taste spot on mainly aiming for low sugars & getting them as natural as poss.. and boom these will do!

400g Sweet potato
5 Scoops of vi
80g Green&blacks 85% dark chocolate
1tsp Baking powder
160g Egg whites
35g Coco powder

Peel & boil the sweet potato for 10 mins until soft
Melt 80g of green and black 85% dark chocolate
Add every ingredient to the bowl then mix together leaving 20g of melted dark chocolate aside.
Place in the oven on a greased tray keeping an eye for 12 mins (I used coconut 1 cal spray)
Use the 20g of dark chocolate you have left to drizzle across the top
Leave for 5-10mins to cut

Source: Kerry Sexton Fitness